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Ninja Selling

I take being my customers’ trusted advisor to heart. I don’t want to just sell you a home; I want to build a relationship with you. I want to create value for you. I want you to walk away from our interaction and feel like you were more than just a party in a transaction.

Many of these principles I learned from the Ninja Selling system, which I can confidently say completely changed my life. It altered my ability to connect deeply with the people I’m around daily and elevate my business.



The Ninja Selling system is based on a philosophy of building relationships, listening to the customer, and helping them achieve their goals. As a Ninja Seller, your goal isn’t to sell to customers. Rather, your goal is to create value for them.

There are four unique principles to Ninja Selling:

  1. Personal Master: When you get better, your business gets better.
  2. Stop Selling! Start creating value.
  3. Business Strategy: Focus on people who know you.
  4. Connect & Communicate: It’s all about them, not about you.



Thanks to my training in the Ninja Selling system, I’m confident in my abilities to better serve each and every one of my customers.